媛먯꽦怨듯븰쟻 젒洹쇱쓣 넻븳 옄룓꽦 옣븷븘룞쓽 移섎즺 솚寃 뿰援

2018-09-29 21:39
This study extracted emotional elements that can affect students with autism mental stability through theory consideration and applied and built it as remodeling design of treatment circumstance of students with autism. 4 months after from the remodeling, conducted verification of the treatment circumstance users about remodeling design of the treatment circumstance by sensibility estimated approach. The final aim of this study is to suggest basic data of study about place users emotion to interior area. Evaluation analysis for sensibility estimated approach was investigated using 7point like to each question, satisfaction about treatment circumstance and emotional change, and compared and analyzed to each 6 treatment program by using descriptive statistic. As the result, I can prove that making the treatment circumstance better by finishing element, window, color, light, furniture can affect to students feelings

泥냼뀈떆꽕솚寃 = Journal of Korea institute of youth facility and environment : 븳援泥냼뀈떆꽕솚寃쏀븰쉶 끉臾몄쭛. 젣12沅 젣4샇 넻沅42샇 (2014. 11), pp.367-376
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